Parivahan Bihar – Vehicle Related Services

The public and private sectors have been contributing towards the development and prosperity of parivahan Bihar. Sarthi Parivahan Vibhag Sewa Bihar has been an important factor in ensuring a safe and secure environment for travelers as well as locals.

Parivahan Bihar - Sarthi Parivahan Vibhag Sewa Bihar

In this post, we have briefly explained all vehicle-related services such as parivahan vehicle details, parivahan e challan, m parivahan Sewa, e challan parivahan payment, parivahan e challan status, parivahan RC, etc.

How to apply for a Driving license online from Parihavan Sarathi Sewa Bibhag?

  1. First of all you have to visit the official website – Click Here
  2. After opening the link you can apply for New Driving License.
  3. Fill all the necessary application details and upload document.
  4. Pay the fee amount and Submit.

Now applying for a driving license is easy with Parivahan Sarathi Sewa and also you can use Parivahan Sewa App.

With the opening of industries in the region, several public transport services were established by the Government to cater to people’s requirements related to their daily routine activities. These services are mostly provided by State Government through their Multi-Territorial Development Corporation (MTDC).

M Parivahan Sewa Bihar:

M Parivahan Sewa is basically a mobile Parivahan service. you can avail all the necessary services from it.

Several private organizations also participate in the development and expansion of the department. While private organization contributes in the expansion of business by providing the vehicles for travel purposes, government entities provide the Sarathi parivahan Sewa vibhag for the public as well as private use.

How to verify your receipt on Parivahan Website?

  1. You can verify your receipt by visiting this link
  2. Enter your vehicle registration no and receipt no and click on verify.

Parivahan Bihar services like transport of passengers, material, and other resources are made easy for the citizens of Bihar as this public. private transport buses are well-built with the latest features and safety measures. The buses are mostly available for rent for short distances. Regular changes in routes are made by the authorities to ensure smooth traveling throughout the state.

Parivahan Bihar

How to check Transaction status on e-vahan?

  1. First of all, Go to this link
  2. You can check your transaction status with Transaction Id, Payment id, Registration No, GRN No.
  3. Select the option and enter the details and search
  4. Your result will be shown

The Indian ministry of road transport and highways issued More than 1,06,56,208 National Permit issued till now and the permitted amount is 1,73,95,83,99,000/-. You also check state-wise reports on the official site of parivahan.

Besides all the services provided by the MTDC, the Government of Bihar has also taken active steps to expand the bus network by offering new registrations for long-haul transport. Apart from this, another interesting initiative was taken by the Government. And it is the extension of the bus network within the state zone.

Register online in the Seva Sindhu Service of Karnataka State.

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This extension provides more connectivity to the smaller towns of Bihar. As per reports, the Government has introduced several measures to increase the patronage of public transport like increase in the number of seats in trains, increase in the frequency of trains, increase in buses, etc. Thus it can be said that Sarathi Parivhan Bihar has played a key role in the development and prosperity of Bihar.

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