Know About YSR Cheyutha Pension & YSR Pension Status

Kanuka YSR Cheyutha Pension is a scheme launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2021. Under this scheme, the Government of Andhra Pradesh will work actively to give financial assistance to the people of that state. You can know about YSR Pension Status by this post.

YSR Cheyutha Pension budget is 17000 crore and this year the government had earmarked Rs 4,687 crore. In this regard, we would like to give you some information on YSR pension. So, just take a look at the information given below. This scheme is the same as the PM Kisan Yojna scheme.

cheyutha ysr pension Kanuka Scheme Application

The name of this pension scheme is “YSR pension scheme”. In the beginning, this pension scheme was launched for those women who become eligible after attaining 45 years as of August 12th. Under this scheme every year will receive benefits. These women have to avail themselves of this scheme. If they wish to avail themselves of the retirement benefits after reaching the age of forty-five years. In this regard, you can also mention that this particular scheme is not a scheme in the general sense of the word.

How to apply YSR Cheyutha Scheme

You can apply for the YSR Cheyutha scheme by visiting this link

You can also download forms of the YSR Cheyutha Scheme from this link

YSR Cheyutha application download

YSR Cheyutha scheme is available in an app called “spiritual pension app” which means a record of basic income and expenditure. The single advantage of this app is that it can be used to access the relevant information on the account of a single individual. In the absence of this record, it becomes very difficult to calculate and qualify for the benefits under this scheme. Therefore, if you belong to socially backward people, you must try downloading this app so as to know about the entire scheme and the rules of the application.

There are certain rules and regulations to be followed by both the seniors and the dependents of this pension scheme. First of all, this application cannot be used by any person who is not a citizen of India or is not a resident of India.

How to check YSR Pension Status?

You can check YSR Pension Status by following below steps:

  1. First of all, visit
  2. You can check your YSR Pension Status by Pension ID or Grievance ID
  3. Enter your Pension ID or SADAREM ID, Select the District, Mandal, panchayat & Habitation.
  4. After finally, filling all details click on “Go” and status will be shown.
YSR Pension Status

The beneficiaries of this scheme may include the parents of senior citizens of India such as senior citizens. who are residents of the Indian territory. Beneficiaries should also be those who are women belonging to SC, ST, OBC, and minority communities. Also, who are not able to earn a monthly income by doing any job.

According to the rules and regulations of the pension scheme, there are certain eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled. These all criteria should be fulfilled by the beneficiary of this YSR Cheyutha Scheme. If he fulfills these criteria, he becomes eligible for the YSR Cheyutha pension of the provident fund. According to provident fund rules and regulations, if the applicant is not eligible for the pension of the provident fund under the scheme he cannot apply for this scheme. On the other hand, if the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria of any other provident fund scheme he will become eligible for the pension. This YSR kanuka status that is funded under the scheme of pension kava.

About DR YSR Aarogyasri – Get All Forms Links

Download all the forms for YSR Aarogyasri

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Procedures Covered and Aarogyasri Download
YSR Aarogyasri Health Card Proforma Download
form for Add Members Download
Application form for Edit Members Download
Application form for Delete Members Download

The eligibility criteria of the provident fund, if followed by the applicants, may enable them to get the premium benefits on the basis of their earnings and the number of years of service with the company.

However, no person can become a member of any pension scheme or gain entry in the list of entitled persons for eligibility for pension kasva by means of any other scheme including that of the provident fund without fulfilling the eligibility criteria of provident fund.

In spite of fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the pension of kanuka status, no applicant can get the benefit of the provident fund if he does not possess a valid passport that is issued by the government of India or a national ID card that has a photograph of him. In case of failure to fulfill the eligibility criteria of provident fund, you may have to give explanations to the retirement board or the directors of Retirement boards regarding the same.

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